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  • Hello,

    Ive made a color book application. Iam spawning some colored dots on the position where iam touching the screen in an special distance when swiping over the screen (those graphics are made inside the construct2 editor). But if youre on mobile, you will recognize a critical performance dropping (which make sense of course, because of the increasing of graphic objects on the stage) while drawing.

    After that i took a look onto other projects, and they did it the same style... so my question is: Is there a solution or an idea, how to save the performance on mobile? In flash/animate (yes oldschool i know ) there is a possability to recreate vector graphics into bitmap files, and this was the clue to prevend the graphic processor from overkill.

    Is there a possability to do so with construct2? Or another technique? Or something i can do? Its very important so any ideas are welcome!

    Please Note: I know the performance optimization tips - i used to pay attention as far i could - but i need a colorbook app - so there is no other way i guess, to decrease the amount of used sprite instances.

    Thank you very much!

  • Try Canvas or Paster plugins:

  • dop2000 hey!

    thank you very much, could you explain what these plugins are for?

    And is it usable for mobile?

    best regards!

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  • I haven't used them myself, but I believe you can draw your colored dots on a Canvas or Paster object. This way you'll have only one object, not hundreds.

  • dop2000 thank you very much for your fast answer!

    Ill give it a try right now

  • At the moment iam not sure how to use this plugin...

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