Collisions with Particle System

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  • I have really big problem.

    My game was based on collisions with particle object, and now, suddenly it stopped working. I think it happenned after updating to r15# beta update.

    And my question is: Why the hell this feature was disabled/removed/blocked? Or maybe it's just a bug and it's just a temporary statement?

    If so, then I think this project is already canceled.

    It will be too many work for me, to replace all particle systems with sprites. The whole game is based on effects, their gravity and power of physics/custom movement. If I would like to convert whole system to use sprites, it would force me to re-create all event sheets and levels. It's sensless a bit.

    I hope someone can explain what is going on,

    Thanks guys,


  • I haven't seen any bug reports regarding this issue. If it is a bug you could post about it in the bugs forum.

    Without seeing your capx however, it is impossible to see if your issues are event based or not. Could you upload your capx, or recreate the issue in a new capx for us to have a look at?

  • It's not that difficult to reproduce the situation.

    Here's the capx:


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  • Particles has never been able to do collisions.

  • Particles has never been able to do collisions.

    That's what I thought, but when someone claims they did I go looking for answers. The answer being "Particles has never been able to do collisions."

  • So how does it work with my few last projects?

  • I'm not familiar with your last few projects, so any answer to that question would be pure speculation.

  • Check this out, for example: bit ly [slash] 1dHGxId

    It's simple game made in a few hours. Just pick up the Hollow Mask Powerup, and you'll see.

  • I'm not sure what a Hollow Mask Powerup is and not sure what I should see when I pick it up, because I have no clue as to how you have your events set up in that game.

    If you still have the capx of that game and you open it in Construct2 and play it, doesn't it work anymore and if it doesn't work, are you sure it's not because of breaking changes within Construct2?

  • but you could do a sprite collide with particle. this worked in 141 but not 156

  • By default just about all objects can be on the receiving end of a collision using its bounding box, but that requires using sprite as the initiator, and will only work on the emitter if used on particles.

    The particles themselves have nothing to collide with, all bark, no bite.


    sprite (square) loops through its frames (colours) on collision with particles.[

  • Ok, well that's what we call a depreciated "feature".;{)

    Anyway the intent was always the fastest possible, which means no collisions. Been like that since CC.

  • Thanks, RamPackWobble.

    That's exactly what i ment. I ued old release of C2, and it works fine, as my own example. But some people here, seriously, some peole are a bit annoying. How couldn't you figure out what is hollow mask? When you start playing my example, you can clearly see sharacter, swords, and sometimes falling objects, looking like demonic heads. I'm sure everyone, even with brain issues can at least connect this crap with it's name.

    Anyway, thanks for info, etc.



  • If you can find better help somewhere else you are welcome to go there, but we certainly don't refer to others here like you just did.

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