How do I get this collision scenario to work?

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  • Hi All,

    I am going off the "Template: Flying Along". In the template, when the pig hits the green-block tiled background he is destroyed and the game starts over. I don't want the pig to destroy and restart game, I want it to have a collision effect.

    I changed the pig movements from the template setup. There are two buttons (up/down) that now control the pig's flight. When the person flies the pig into the tiles, I want the pig to bounce off and temporarily lose control.

    What I think it requires is disabling the up/down directional controls temporarily and animating the pig (shaking/lost control) as it drifts back to a x,y coordinate whereupon the directional controls are re-enabled and the game goes on.

    Thanks for any and all help! Construct 2 is awesome!

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  • Ha danalog,

    Yes you are correct, you will have to disable the controls simple by disabling the custom movements until you are ready for the layer to once again take control. The first thing you will need to change is the condition for game over. You can remove the condition if player is overlapping block, than disable the custom movements, than set your animations of the pig losing control, than enable custom movements again.

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