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  • So I am using the beta r99 release and am using the provided platforming controls.

    I am having some small problems with what I think seems to be collision boxes. All of my background tiles are 32x32 with a collision box of 32x32. My character is 32x32 with a collision box of 18x24. Here is an image of the 2 problems I seem to be having:

    1. In some areas he can stand on the wall like this, not everywhere though which is strange since its the same tile.

    2. For some reason he cannot walk through the corridor along the bottom there. The opening is 32x32 so he should be able to fit if his collision is only 24 high? There are a few areas like this, he cannot move through an open area that is 32x32.

    Does anyone have any ideas why I might be getting these problems?

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  • check your objects animation and see collision polygon

  • Currently there isn't any animation he just slides around. I have different states set up for when I do add animation but they are all the same image and collision polygon.

  • i didn't say they are the same or not... the problem is in the polygon as we can see from the picture. try to use the box polygon on the player and check it the problem is still happening ^^

  • So I went through and reset every objects collision polygon and it seems to have fixed the problem. I think the problem was coming from one of the ground tiles. I think what the problem may have been was a polygon having more than 4 sides but still being shaped into a square (so more than one polygon point in the same spot).

    Thanks for the help sir, that was really driving me nuts!

  • you're welcome ^^

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