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    this is my first project. it's remake of the old game "windepth".

    what i'm tryinh to achive is when player kills a submarine there will be an "explosion". if another submarine is around explosion zone it should explode too.

    so i add a collision detection to explosion.png. ships explode when they collide with explosion animation. thats all good so far.

    problem is the original ships - killed by bullets- also colliding with explosion animation (they shouldnt because they are destroyed). it's a problem because i'm trying to give extra experince to player when they kill submarines with chain reactions. and it's not working.

    if someone just point the way for me...

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  • add a 'destroyed' boolean to the ships, if you destoy them switch this boolean to true, and then in condition you can do a "on collision + [invert] is destroyed -> launch another explosion and set destroyed to true"

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