Collision points and grapical issues in C2

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  • I have another problem C2 community... as usual. Sorry, but would anyone happen to know anything about collision points and platformer/player interaction with other sprites causing graphical problems? For example, I have a PNG pinned to my player/actor cube(sprite) for a "smoother transition" when moving through the side scrolling map/maze... BTW I owe that information to one of the tutorials here on the forum... Anyway, My problem occurs when I try to backtrack through the map. If my PNG masked actor runs into one of my tile platform sprites, It appears as if my actor is "behind" the tiled platform... Now I just had a thought that maybe it could have something to do with the Z order of the tiles and of my PNG pin mask causing this problem... But I think my original thought of the collision points apparently being "off" somewhere on my tiles or my actor may be more accurate... So that's where I'm at right now... I wish I could upload a pic or vid to show you exactly what I'm referring to, but due to copyright yadda yadda, that won't happen... I hope this was informative enough that someone will understand and be able to assist me. Thank you...

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