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  • How to know the platform? I mean I have a game in mind where you can jump on the rocks to reach the other side of a river. Now there are some objects they are not rocks but crocodile back.

    So when the player jumps on the croc back then the game will be over.

    I have tried collision and overlapping event but they are not what I am looking for. I want the player to land on the back of the croc fully then goto game over layout.

  • Ok managed the issue. But I have another question. Is there any way where I can make 'every x second' event off?

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  • Create a detector sprite, make it follow the player sprite but make it so it sticks out of the feet. Then you can check for platform overlap to know on which platform you're on.

    For the every x seconds

    Global number disable = 0
    +System: Every x seconds
    +System: disable = 0
      -> do stuff

    If you want to disable the event, set disable to 1

  • Thanks. I have done that just now using the sub event method.

    Thanks again.

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