WHERE a collision has occurred?

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  • Hey guys, weird question here.

    I have two physics objects basically, and when they collide with one another I would like to spawn another object.

    Simple enough, but I want the spawned object to sort of...stick to the exact spot where the collision initially happened.

    Sort of like eh... Fist meets face, spawn a bruise. Bruise sticks to the face where the fist hit the face.

    I can create the "bruise" just fine, but having it stay at it's initial collision point on the collided object is a bit trickier it seems.

    My first idea was to try doing this with image points, but I would have to create a ton of them to account for every spot on the object that could be collided with. Didn't seem very practical.

    Any better solutions out there?

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  • Get the distance between the two objects and divide that by two.

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