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  • I have an issue with a sprites collision not working for all objects that have a solid behavior to them....could z ordering have something to do with it??

    Also with z order, is that layer based..if I right click a sprite and set the z order to the that go ontop of everything in the scene..or just the top of the layer that its on, or all the layers in the project?

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  • Collision should happen regardless of the Z order. Top of Z order is the top layer you have set up. Send link to .capx if you want some help with this. It could be any number of things - perhaps the collision is not set up correctly on one of the sprites? do you have behaviours attached to the sprites where they are set to not collide with solids?

  • since the object that was falling had a physics behavior applied to it..i had to make the platforms have the physics behavior as well to stop them from falling through.

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