Collision of Object moved with mouse overlap falling object

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    So , hi i asket this question many time without finding solution , many asked me to post a Cp3 file , so this is what i'm doing the link below .

    for who didnt see my question before ,

    i want to create a game kind of Rise up ,

    I have two object one moved with mouse ( by setting his position to the mouse position ) and another falling object with physic behaviour


    Problem is , when i move the defender object to fast with the mouse , i notice that it go trough the falling object a little some times too much and its verry ugly and weird

    Another thing i have noticed , when i use drag and drop behaviour in the defender object , instead of moving the it by setting the position to mouse position , i didnt have this problem collision are perfect ,

    So if someone can help me by editing a little the drag and drop behaviour , to make the clickable region bigger than the sprite it would be great, i tred to pin it to another biggest objet and drag the biggest but the problem of overlapping reappear again .

    otherwise if there is someone having another solution please help me

    and thanks in advance .

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    Have some patience and stop creating new posts! I already replied you here:

    You are testing my patience.

    Please stop the constant new posts, especially as this is the wrong section for a C3 post.

    Locked as already answered in thread referenced.

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