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  • Hi all,

    I have a sprite ( A large text logo ) which i have set the behaviour to "Solid"

    I am trying to achieve the effect of coins falling down from the sky and landing on the sprite and rolling around, bouncing off..etc

    I have created my coin sprite and set it's behaviour to "Physics"

    I have both sprites on the same layer.

    Do i need to do something else to get my desired effect?

  • set the logo to physics also and set it to immovable to get this to work.

    I'm not sure using physics is smart though..

    You could get almost the same effect by using bullet behaviour on the coins and set gravity and bounce of solids to true..

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  • I tried the bullet method but it flies off the screen sideways instead of dropping down.

  • If you can't figure out why that is by yourself, I recommend using the physics method as described above.

  • You also need to make sure the collision polygon is set correctly. If you need more help I can screenshot later. :)

  • No worrys, just didn't think i would need to set gravity as high as i had to..LOL

    Bouncing off as expected now..:D

    Is it possible to have them sit off canvas or invisible and start dropping down after after a set ammount of time?

    Edit: Done that..:D

    Is there a way to control the ammount of bounce?

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