Collision masks for multiple enemies

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  • Right, this one is tougher then the last topic and I don't want to have the reputation as a spammer but this one I really have no clue how to fix this

    Basically I have multiple enemies and there have the collision mask and the pin behavior but they're not working correctly, I uploaded the .cap file so you can understand it correctly.

    Please help me out on this one.I really don't want to hit a snag so fast in my game I am creating

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  • I'm not sure what is tough about adjusting the collision-mask in the image editor, for when you look there you'll see the mask of violets is completely off..

    I'm not sure this is the answer you are looking for though?

  • Did you try downloading the .capx file in my link? English is not my native language and I left that filedropper link so someone could check it out and tell me what to do or resolve this problem.

    I left the Violets collision boxes visible (They're pink), there are 3 Violets, the first one works fine but go further right and you see 2 other Violets that are far off from their collision box.

  • On your "Start of layout" event, add a "System: For each Violet_Mask" subevent that contains all the Violet_Mask related actions.

  • I'l try that and reply later.

    Tried doing this but all it does is fix the position of all the Violets, the other Violets move away from me and if I kill one they all die, the ones I didn't kill leave their collision box intact, If you meant putting all the actions related to the Violets_Mask how do I do that without breaking something else? I'm trying to wrap my head around it but I don't know what you meant with it, the Violets_Mask has variables like Vealth (Violets Health) and VFire for timing between their shots amongst other events that rely on the events set to it.


  • So can't anyone give me a hand on this one? or shall I just make the Violets and anything else besides my character without a collision mask?

    Here's my new .Capx file, trying to fix the problem to no avail. :/

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