Collision Mask - Bounding Box nor Circle works

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  • Kyatric

    Hey guys, I am creating a game that has balls that bounce off other objects and for the balls Collision Masks even though I may choose "Bounding Box" or "Circle" (of course I want Circle), it still uses the collision polygon. I know this to be true because for testing purposes I made the polygon much smaller than the size of the ball and when it hits something I can see some of the ball overlap the object before bouncing away. Is this just a bug or limitation in the free version only (which is what I'm using), or a larger or different issue. BTW, the ball has the following behaviors: Solid, Bullet, and Physics. I need to use the Circle mask to get accurate bounce off results. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    P.S. - Kyatric, thanks for the great tutorials, they've been a big help.


    Flummoxed in Fairfax (A.K.A. strevor73)

  • Could you post the .capx? I'd say it's a conflict between the behaviors, because Physics doesn't work well with other movement behaviors.

    Also, using the circle mask for physics wont affect other collision events, only physics collision.

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  • Yeah, I figured it out. Apparently if you combine Physics behavior with Bullet behavior, it no longer uses the physics behavior. It just ignores it.

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