Collision maps and 8-dir control on gamepad?

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  • Hey everyone,

    I've been working on a smaller project which will require collision detection. Now, as i usually try and do it is to have a black/white map where black i solid/collide and white is non-collide. After reading quite a bit on the matter it seems that this isn't possible in C2 but that i rather have to create smaller segments of sprites and make them solid? I wanted to get this confirmed since i would prefer the other way around.

    My other question has to do with connecting an Xbox controller to C2 and Chrome. I've come so far as to being able to control my character in four directions but i really wish to have him move in eight. Is there built in behaviors for this or do i need to "write" my own code? It would really help if something like that already existed since they have friction, correct delta time based movement and other things working.


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