Collision and FPS Optimization

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  • Hi everyone, I'm making a platformer and using tiled map objects for the graphics. But I also use it for solid collision testing. I'm using sprites and tiled background object for Jumpthu and spikes/deadly-shits, so I tought I could use tiled map instead to check collision with those object... So I started experiencing in debug mode for collision check and collision check per tick. Seems that tiled map objects for collision check are like 3 times less efficient than other objects. So I started even wondering if tiled map object are even efficient for graphics. Any toughts, with what would you use Sprite, Tiled BackGrounds and Tiled Map object for collision detection, are tiled map any good aside being practical to use and build. What are the best practices in that regard for FPS, RAM & CPU optimization for both collision and graphics.

    Yeah I know, large topic, many hints in other topics but no clear answers that I could find. Thanks for participating

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  • Tilemap object is relatively well optimized for drawing or collision, as it is a bunch of rectangle polygons to check.

    So it should not be a problem. Thus optimization is very project specific. It would be great if you could provide a capx.

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