Collision Events - How to Make Them Work?

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  • Hi All,

    I'm struggling here :( I need these balls to interact like an abacus but am having no luck at all with the parts of Construct I've played with so far

    What is the best way to get these balls behave naturally?

    i.e. bounce a bit, push each other, give a little jiggle etc



  • Posting a .capx is usually a good idea, but just going by your description I'd guess you need to add events like:

    Ball 'on collision with' ball

         Bounce to opposite directions

  • You can get decent results using the plain old physics behaviour. Obviously you'd need to play around with the settings, but this is a functional, if slightly twitchy, abacus: here.

    Drag and drop the beads. You'll need to implement a system to keep the beads from going above their rows, since they can be freely dragged right now. I'm thinking a manual drag-and-drop solution instead of the built-in one (it'd be brilliant if we could get axis restrictions on the drag-and-drop behaviour, actually).

    It'd even be pretty easy to count the instances of the beads per row on the left or right of the abacus, if you're making an educational game.

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  • Thanks guys,

    I now have some excellent avenues to tinker with :-)

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  • Hello, GeometriX could please reupload Abacus.capx file because it was the only post I found on an abacus and I'm interested in it, thanks.

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