Collision don't work sometimes[Still need help]

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  • I'm having trouble with some levels in my game, for some reason collision stop working sometimes, I have no ideia why that happens. On level 5 for example after you play once, hit retry and then hit play, the ball just falls through the see-saw without moving it. Can someone please have a look and see if I'm doing something wrong? I enable collision between the 2 objects everytime I hit the play button, so I see no reason for it not to work.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Objects at the bottom are draggable.


    drag ball above seesaw


    ball hits seesaw



    ball fails to hit seesaw

    but if you drag ball around after reset and then back to above seesaw it works (most of the time)


    Full version project: ... oHelp.capx

    Reduced project demo with physics problem: ... mDemo.capx

  • bump. I still didn't solve my problem.

    Can someone help?

  • Can't anyone help me with this?

  • A lot of people here are not about to download and install a plugin they never use, so if you could you create a new capx without the plugin, maybe you'd get more help.

  • LittleStain Thanks, that's probably the reason why I got so many views an no response then.

    I updated the download link to a version without the plugin, hope to get some help now.

    This is the link: ... oHelp.capx

  • Here's a link to a reduced project, with only one level where the problem still persist. ... mDemo.capx

  • Euhh, I gave it a try, adn the banana just tilts the board a small bit down and back up ...

    The ball just falls a couple inch ...

    edit: nvm, just noticed I need to drag the ball

    I tried it, and it keeps going through it ... seems it happening when its moving.

    I'll try for a bit.

  • Ok, for the ball and the seesaw, set their physics bullet both to YES



    Seems that worked half, as soon as you drop it form higher it stopped ....

    So I dove a little more into your capx .. and noticed quite a bit of excessive for each usage.

    I changed most to picks and removed some ...

    Here is an updated capx

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  • Thanks lennaert

    I'm new to C2 and really don't know the easiest/best way to do stuff yet. Good to know that using pick all is better than using the for loop.

    Unfortunately I still have problems with the physics.

  • After some testing, if you lift the balll too high, and overlapping the wall, it fails ...

    I gave the ball the behaviour bound by layout now too, and it stopped that ...

    So far xD

    new capx

  • After some testing, if you lift the balll too high, and overlapping the wall, it fails ...

    I gave the ball the behaviour bound by layout now too, and it stopped that ...

    So far xD

    new capx

    Good to know that I can use it, so I can get rid of the walls on every level. I can probably add this behaviour to the group with all the objects, so no walls are required, and it doesn't fail to place objects close to the walls, it actually gets as far as it can get.

    Thanks again

    Problems with physics still remain tho

    Not disabling collisions when touching restart solve the problem of the ball going through other objects, but I can't leave it like that because when I drag it, it just pushes other objects away.

  • bump

  • Guizmus ,

    Thanks for the pm, it worked and my problem is now solved. I can't send PMs anymore because I'm under 500rep.

    So, if anyone is interested Guizmus gave me the ideia use use saves in my level, so everytime I start it, or move an object to a valid position I save the state and when I hit the restart button I just load the game from there. Thanks for the workaround.

    Regards the physics I still don't know what was causnig the problem.

  • Yeah, sorry I didn't post it here, I wasn't sure it was enough.

    Glad it helped

    I don't know exactly what was wrong with the physics, surely something you needed to unactivate and that wasn't activated afterwards, but I didn't manage to find it.

    The save solution worked in my test too, after I found that you handled the "start click" event in both event sheets ^^ that took some times too, I didn't think of this

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