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  • How do I exlain this correctly?

    Basically I want to make an invisible wall where the player can go trough but the enemy can't so it prevents the enemy from falling but I don't know how to make it so without making it solid for all objects it should act as a clip for the enemies so they won't wander into areas that would kill/lose them.

    Any ideas how to do so? thanks.

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  • Player is overlapping and Enemy is overlapping, these should be able to solve it for you

  • Yes but the enemy uses platform behavior to move (and turret to locate the player and shoot at him, although I doubt this matters here) but I want the "Clip" to act as a solid object to the enemy and I can't find any event in the platform behavior that makes it so that it acts as solid for the enemy despite that clip solid isn't checked. (as otherwise it will affect the player as well)

    EDIT: Nevermind, did it via using the X coordinates event to the opposite of where the enemy moves, thanks anyway.

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