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  • how do you get more accurate collision with this engine . when i do a on collision with object event it seem like it destroys it way before it actually touches the object

  • Perhaps you need to check your collision box? In most cases, it will be automatically set to the entire size of the image, for example, 128x128 pixel, even if the image in it is smaller. Go to the image editor and set to guess object shape.

  • im actually just prototyping but im using the destroy action . so i have a ball falling down vertically inside a basketball rim but the net destroys a little bit too early like way before the ball actually touches the net part. i tried that guess polygon but it still seem a lil too early

  • Yup, the collision detects immediately once it touches so if you delete it instantly, it would seem a little fast. There are a few ways to improve results. The simplest is to use a wait function and than delete the object. Test the amount of time that will give you the best looking result. Others would be to determine the exact location you want it to disappear, like determining the x and y or by imagepoint.

  • i change the image point on the net part of the rim . i went to image properties and clicked on image point and clicked on new image point and set it where i want to be but how would i activate it to work with collision

  • When selecting an object, on the left of your screen in the Object properties you can choose whether collision goes off the collision polygon or the bounding box. If you select the polygon mask option it'll check for collision based on your outlined shape, if you've made one with the Set Collision polygon tool.

  • no when i look under properties of the object it says collision enabled or disabled thats pretty much the only option it gives me

  • can i send a file for help

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  • Upload your capx file.

  • tekniko i just figured it out i aint know i was suppose to set the bouding box on both objects and now its working way better

  • thanks anyways

  • give me a few more months ill be a pro with this software!!

  • Good to hear.

  • But hey do i Need a License to test my game on mobile device . i just want to test it out only .

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