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  • As I'm starting to add more and more layout stuff- my event conditions for exclusion are getting quite bloated.

    Is there a way for example, to test if a sprite is overlapping "any" other spite with the "solid" behaviour?

    At the moment, I'm having to add negated collision tests for each solid platform/object in the game in the conditions of the event.

  • Add all the solid objects to a family, and apply the actions to the family instead?

  • In the old Click'n'Play / The Games Factory programs way back when, for platform movement you need only to check it was colliding/overlapping with a backround object, not to check through every object that was a background as it were which sounds needlessly complex.

    I was asking rather if the following example is possible :

    "If the object I am overlapping is a 'solid' , don't spawn a bullet"

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  • I'd say Nimtrix's solution is the best.

    CC used to let you be able to do the same thing as you described, but Solid was an attribute, not a behavior.

    Make a family with the objects having the solid behavior, and check for the overlapping between bullet and the family.

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