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  • Hola, soy nuevo con este programa, y con esto de los juegos 2D.

    He terminado un juego muy basico, y estoy intentando de colgarlo en un blog, que he creado para esto, y no soy capaz. Estoy utilizando como servidor el dropbox, y lo que he hecho es copiar el archivo html, la carpeta que se crea como proyecto, todos los archivos que hay dentro,.... He probado de todo y nada.

    A ver si me podeis ayudar.


  • Please stick to English on the forums or provide a translation, thanks!

  • Translation:

    "Hello, I'm new to this program

    I've finished a simple game and I want to hang it in a blog, but I can't. I'm using Dropbox as a server, I've copied the html file, the project folder and all its files ..... I've tried everything but nothing.

    I wish you can help me.

    Thank you."

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  • Thank SketchDeluxe for translation.

    Sorry, but had not fallen.

    Have any solution?, However much I search google, I find nothing.

    A help, I'm a little desperate, took more time with it than with the creation of the game.

  • I believe you need to export as an HTML. I don't think you can just copy the project folder to drop box.

  • What I do is export the project to HTML5, then carperta generated, the share through the dropbox, and nothing, I copy the link in the blog, edit it as HTML, and can not see anything . I have also shared individual files inside the project, test, and nothing, no way. Do not know if it will compile or something, but no, these are the steps that I follow.

  • fumeque

    Where is your blog? Please give us the URL. Can you load extra files onto your blog hosting platform?

  • hola amigo,

    intenta con un iframe en tu blog.

    1 Sube el juego a un servidor, cualquier dropbox esta bien

    2 Y desde el blog, utiliza un blocque en html con el iframe apuntando a la web donde has subido el juego.

    1 saludo

    traslate to english

    Hi friend

    you can try it with iframe.

    1. Upload your project in some server, diferent to the blog

    2. Use in plataform blog "html block" and put the iframe with link to server of the point 1.

    Kind Regardas

  • My Blog is:

    As you can see, I have nothing, only for my friends to see the games I'm doing

  • Is what I'm doing, I share the project folder, and the folders inside, so all together as one by one, and nothing. That is the solution which he had seen ahy, and finding nothing, I decided to ask for help around here.

    If conoeis some tutorial?.

  • Hola Amigo ! ( The only two words in know in spanish ! :D ... )

    Here's a tutorial that explains all the proceidure !

    Cheers !

  • Hola Amigo ! ( The only two words in know in spanish ! :D ... )

    Cheers !

    Thank you very much, Whiteclaws.

    I followed the tutorial, and perfect, and it works.

    As you'll see, is almost the tutorial they have, but hey it's my first game, and we will improve.

    Thank you all for your interest.

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