Coin Dozer?

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  • Hello,

    Coin dozer looks 3D when the coin falls and stuff. Can we able to create that using c2.

  • Not sure what "Coin dozer" is. A game I guess.

    It is possible to render a 3D animation as several frames and so make it in Construct 2 as a Sprite and its animation.

    A bit like the sprites used in this beginner tutorial.

  • Yeah, sorry I didn't explain clearly. Coin dozer a game in google play. I checked the Scirra forum manuals and Stuff and I know the game can be created using c2, but my doubt is in the game the coin falls in the collection box, it is so natural and it looks 3D, sometimes the coin falls on the sides. The whole view looks 3d but it is simple . Is that all possible in c2

  • It's just the coin animations. It can easily be done if you make the animations for it.

  • I'd be tempted to say the specific game you are referring to is made in 3D, but if you make a google search for "Coin Dozer" I found this link/clone which "feels" 3D but supposedly is 2D and just a matter of perspective and possibly some physic behavior in disguise.

    Beyond a certain Y on screen, the coin is considered to be on a lower level, and possibly will only interact with the elements of that level/layer.

    Can you do a specific clone of Coin Dozer for android, I doubt since it's a 3D game (unless you use Q3D).

    Can you make a game that feels like it, I do believe so.

  • animator

    If you mean the android game I agree with Kyatic that you could get the look with q3d. The issue is the 3d physics would have to be done manually since there isn't a plugin for 3d physics yet.

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  • Thanks to all for the response, sure will try that plugin soon.

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