How do i code in Construct 2?

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  • Okay Construct 2 is supposed to be a game making program that you don't need to use codes to use. Then i found a tutorial called How to make a megaman inspired game in construct 2. I can't post URLs so just google the sentence to find the tutorial. The tutorial is great for helping me whit the things i want in my game. It's clearly written that you need to put in codes to do as the tutorial says. It seems like the codes make custom events and actions that you need. So you need to put in the codes that's written in the tutorial. The question is how. I can't find a single part in Construct 2 whit codes or where you can put in codes. An idea i got was to export my project. That way i got the runtime and jquery parts of the file which pretty much is lots codes. I tried putting in the codes from the tutorial in these windows. But when i opened the project nothing had changed, i hadn't gotten the custom events and actions. I think the reason was that when you have exported the project it isn't a Construct 2 file anymore, just a playable game and any changes you do it after export doesn't affect anything since the file you open in construct 2 is the pre exported file that hasn't gotten any codes changed. So you need to put in codes into the project before you export it. Theres no extra file to the project that you open so you need to open the project file itself whit notes. There you get a window whit a bunch of codes. So i tried to put in the codes that was written in the tutorial after the already existing codes. I tried opening the project to see if something changed. I couldn't open the project anymore. So i in other words sabotaged my project when i put in the codes there. So how do i then put in the codes so i can keep following the tutorial? Don't just say that Construct 2 needs no coding. If you want to do like this tutorial says you need coding and i want to get help on how i code in construct 2. Try following the tutorial itself if you have trouble understanding what i mean.

  • Is this the tutorial you are referring to?

    If so, then what you are looking at is the actual event system but written as text. You don't do any so-called 'coding'.

    As you obviously have no idea how C2 works, you should leave this tutorial aside and do one of the standard platform tutorials in the Tutorial section, and read the manual. This will then make the Megaman tutorial very easy to follow afterwards, as you'll then understand how C2 works.

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  • In short you don't put that code into Construct 2 (C2), it was merely for illustration purposes in the tut. Look at the pictures, that's C2's way to code. It is done from the event editor by clicking through the menus.

    Look here for how to code in C2: ... onstruct-2

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