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  • Hello all!

    I was wondering about the CocoonJS testing app. I testing the game from a zip file from my own server. I am getting two issues.

    1. The fps seems really slow.

    2. There is a blank white bar on the bottom, the game characters go there.

    My questions are:

    1. Is that the fps users will be getting if I got the app through the CocoonJS service? If so, is there anyway to improve the FPS im getting about 30 FPS, sometimes 15 FPS.

    2. Some as the one about but about the white bar. Is there anyway to get rid of that or will it automaticly go away?


  • Its hard to say what is creating your low FPS without having a example or capx to look at.

    but you can take a look at this tutorial, it might help you.

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  • My experience with the testing app is not great, I have an event on layout start to make a number of objects immovable. Works when hosting locally and using browser on my S3 works when installing via apk, Doesn't work when using the testing app.

    This was 1.41

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