CocoonJS "is product purchased" on Android, problem

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  • Hello all! I choosed to export my project with "deprecated" CocoonJS for its good performance and all goes pretty well, but when I try to implement checking situation with already buyed products, when player uninstalled app with user data and then installed it again - I can not force "is product purchased" condition to work. So, above I will try to describe step by step my actions, sorry my english, I hope you will understand me right! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    1. In apk, signed and uploaded to Google Play to Beta-testing with my account in testers list I bought product (with test purchse Google form). Purchase was sucsessful, and all triggered pretty well.

    2. Uninstalled apk with user data. Installed it again.

    3. Tryed to use condition "is product purchased" to check if product was already purchased, but it returns me that product was not purchsed, but, when I try to buy this product again - nothing happened.

    4. Also I tryed to use "restore products" and it works, but triggered also conditions with "Is purchase comleted" - that I don`t want in situation when product was already bought later.

    5. Turn off Sandbox mode. Uploaded and move my apk to Production in Google Play. Remove my google account from testers list and also removed testers group. But my "is product purchased" is still not working and I can`t understand why? Here is screenshot of action in C2:

    I using C2 r206 and CocoonJS plugins from here:

    I will be very greateful if someone will help me with that, on my very last step on looong way with creating my game! Thanks!


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