CocoonJS Physics Crash

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  • In my game when i switch to a layout that has physics objects my game just crashes

    its fine in the browser but in cocoonjs for android it just crashes in the launcher app

    i was on r127 and just read that there was a bug and should roll back to 126

    problem is it wont let me open my capx in that version cause it was saved with a newer version

    i then tried updating to 129 as i seen it was using some new physics stuff from cocoonjs but it does exactly the same thing?

  • even stranger, i decided to try not generating my physics objects using events, took the code out completely, i dragged it on to the layout and tried it and it works he falls

    i have code that detects a touch on the object and applies a random impulse, if i touch the pbject again it crashes in exactly the same way?!?

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  • tried on ipad, same thing but it doesnt crash out completely so i can look at the log, it says

    line 30854 tag touchstart undefined is not a function (evaluating this.body.getlocalcenter)

  • Ok so it's a bug introduced after 127. Now to figure out an easy way to recreate my project in 126. Any ideas? I have a lot of event sheets

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