CocoonJs keyboard (help)

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  • Hi all

    My test project outline.

    I am testing a project to see how to use the cocoonjs keyboard to enter text into textbox object and save it a variable.

    My current layout has:

    • a textbox object that should hold the text inputs for cocoonjs keyboard

    -sprit button to save current text in textbox

    -sprit button to clear text

    So far I have found that

    1 The textbox object does work or appear in the cocoonjs launcher on andriod

    2 I can even get the keyboard to show up in the cocoonjs launcher

    Can anyone help with the above or a work around

    Many thanks in advance

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  • HI all

    got it to work.

    To the keyboard to show up used.

    • On touched object - cocoonjs: prompt text input (in event sheet)

    used the General text plugin(not Text box for form) to hold my text.

    -every 1 second- set text to cocoonjs.inputText (in event sheet)

    P.s The preview only working in the cocoonjs launcher APP

    Have fun all

  • Nice here

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