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  • Hello

    Firstly thank you to the developers for making such amazing bits of software, but im requiring a little advice or help. I have a 10 level game including title screen which is being exported to Cocoonjs, my problem comes when previewing in there launcher there is a 3-5 second freeze between layouts when a new music track is loaded. Now the freeze gets worse less powerful hardware (obviously) and im currently testing on a HTC One which is very powerful but still experiencing this problem, is there any advice to streamline the loading of music tracks to avoid this freeze at the start of a layout.

    P.S. Currently each level plays one of 5 tracks but is subject to change if necessary.

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  • I have a similar problem, sound cutting out and game freezing then hanging on a black screen. The app works perfectly on an HTC one X but it has the problems on the HTC one.

    This has led to us taking our game off Google Play for now because we cannot be sure how the game will behave on all devices.

    Anyone know if Cocoon is incompatible with HTC One for any reason?

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