CocoonJS extentions and Construct 2

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  • Hello,

    This might be very noobish question, but I'm new to Mobile side of things. I got premium account on cocoon compiler, and I was wondering where does the integration of some of the extentions like multiplayer or facebook for example happen with construct 2?

    For example I click button in Construct 2 and this should generate command for cocoonJS to upload scores to Gamecenter, how does this happen?

    should I add cocoonJS additional javascript file as plugins to construct and this will add functionality, or should I somehow capture and edit javascript generated by cocoonJS exporter and custom Inject these things in project?

    if anyone has experience with this, even general overview would be of great help, I don't know from where to start tackling this.



  • All you need to do is add the CocoonJS object to the project and use that. Everything else is taken care of. You do not need to use any javascript directly.

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  • Thanks for the reply

    In cocoonJS objects (cocoonJS ads object?) I only see options for ADS and InApp Purchases. no options for Gamecenter or other extentions.

    For example gamecenter, how does Construct communicate which variable and when should cocoonJS try to submit on gamecenter?

  • Anyone ?                                        ;/

  • Oh it was added in new version of construct, Yay!

    now i'll need to figure out apple side of things

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