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  • Hi All.

    I have read multiple topics on this subject, but not a single one of them gives a step by step explanation of how to get .ttf fonts to work in the CocoonJS Launcher.

    I also saw Ashley post a reply: (You just need to import a TTF file to your project files, then when exporting to CocoonJS C2 automatically puts it in a Fonts subfolder.)

    But how do i import the file?

    Noob here asking the obvious, but cant find a way on my own.

    So if u have the answer, then please give a simple step guide, as in.




    Result = fonts visable within Cocoon Launcher.

    Thanx for helping!

    Kind Regards.


  • I asked about the same thing recently and was told that proper integration is on the cards, but it might take some time while Ludei and Scirra work out the issues. The feature you mentioned has been removed while that happens.

    Here's a workaround for now:

    A: Set font face individually per text object in actions -> Font -> set font face (or do it all at once with a family).

    B: When you export your project for CocoonJS, create a new folder in the zip called fonts and place your font file there.

    Based on the changelog for R117 this workaround could cause compatibility issues but I use this solution with my own project and it works fine.

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  • GeometriX


    It works perfectly!

    Kind Regards.


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