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  • today, after i tried to upload my apk to the google play it says it need some stuffs like zip align or something like this but the problem is that i don't know what to do i tough construct2 doesn't need to be a programmer to upload my games to any service...

    so my question is can you tell me some videos or some picture tutorails that explain this step of the complaining :

    or at least tell me what to do if i have no knowledge on java and the other stuffs.

  • It's hard to help without a clear description of the problem (such as the exact error message). You might also want to contact Ludei about it, since it's their service.

  • Ashley these is some pictures of what i see ...

    this message comes when i upload the apk that cocoonjs gave us

    <img src="" border="0" />

    and this message comes from the other apk that cocoonjs gave us

    <img src="" border="0" />

    as you can see these messages tell us to do some programming stuffs while construct2 engine made for any users the pro and the newbie and i'm new in the languages and i don't really know any stuffs from the messages that i showed you so this can be fixed with construct2 or what?? also if no how can i fix it is there a video or tutorial that show us how to do it??

    and about posting to ludei , ludei always gives us this link:

    they think that everyone who use ludei are a programmer thats why they didn't made a video or a picture tutorial to help us.

    i hope i explained my point very well and sorry if my english isn't that good

  • It's definitely Ludei something need to help you with, these problems are to do with their service and not Construct 2. Sorry - best ask again and request a clearer explanation.

  • skylight - This really had me banging my head against a wall too. Luckily, a member of the forums wrote me out an entire step-by-step guide! Go here and scroll down to 3division's post. I won't lie, it is still pretty confusing, but fortunately you don't have to understand, just do exactly as it says and you'll get there :) Hope it helps!

  • ill complete my last video tutorial about this thing :P just wait alittle until my exams finish

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  • thanks guys

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