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  • Hi everyone, I need some help.

    I just compiled an autorunner game using Ludei Cloud compilling. The problem is that the results of the first compilation is different from the later. Here are what i get

    <img src="" border="0" />

    For the first result, it couldnt be played in my device, while for the later runs well. Can anyone help me or tell me why this happens? Thanks

  • First one is by ludei's new compile system. It has some reported bugs. Ludei is now fixing it.

    Second one is by old system, which is not usable now.

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  • Thanks So why the one by ludei's new compile system cannot be played while the older one can?

    Is it because of the bug?or is anyone experiencing the same issue for recent compilation?

  • Actually, many users are going through this problem. I heard that there're problem in loading time, physics, distorted sprites, crashes and so on.

    In my experience, I had some plugin issues in my game but the game worked in stable version of C2. After upgrading to beta, now physics are crush so it doesn't work now.

    But if u wait patiently, with all bug fixed, you will find awesomely improved fps in your game.

  • You're right I just searched and read the thread. Yeah, hopefully it can be fixed soon and better. Thanks for the info

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