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  • Hi guys, I'm using scale outer for multiple screen sizes and the window view is centered (scroll is set x,y).

    The show banner AD action only gives you two positions, top center and bottom center. That means on a lot of phones the ad would only show if the screen is scaled out, meaning the AD would be cut off and not viewable on some phone screens. Is there any way to position a banner AD (X,Y) to a specific location on the layout?


  • Whew! Just spent quite a bit of time looking at the shit storm that is C2/Cocoonjs ADS, I can see why Cocoonjs is deprecated now.

    Sucks balls to work on your game, get it perfect and find out that getting Ads to work on your android game is near impossible..Im dizzy from just reading a few topics on it in these forums..

    Anyways, just want to add to/change my question up there..

    When you use the action banner position top center/bottom center, does that mean the top or bottom of your Layout in C2? Or top or bottom of your set window View? Or does it mean top or bottom of your phone screen?


    Thanks a billion

  • Hello,

    You can make an eval of the expression: CocoonJS.Ad.setRectangle( new CocoonJS.Ad.Rectangle(x, y, width, height) );

    Here is the required documentation:

    Next time, it would be nice if you contact us through our Community or the Help Center. We will be glad to help, but we are not constantly following this forum.


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  • Thanks for the help Ludei, I've been away from development for a while. Had no idea you had a new plugin, going to try it out and see if I have better luck. Next time I'll contact you for sure.

  • Hello,

    Just in case, the new plugin is this one:

    The link I provided you was the JS Plugins in which we based the C2 Plugin and in which you could find the documentation to use the expression I told you before.

    If you are interested in the JS Plugins, this is the full documentation:


  • I've noticed on my Mopub that my banner ad have been requested 22 times but has zero impressions, for my full screen ads zero requested and zero impressions.

    For you out there who have got their ads running, what have you done in the object actions that made it work?

    P.S I have updated the plugin and compiled in the latest compiler 2.1

    Ludei: I don't know how to use that expression for the banner ad position, Im unfortunately not a coder and dont know what to do with it..thanks for the help though

  • Alright yeah! Whew I guess the ads take a couple days to start showing. I'm happy that I don't have to position the ad like I thought, as it places the banner ad on the bottom or top, not according to the Construct 2 layout but the Bottom and top of the phone screen.

    As always I just have to remember patience is the name of the game, thanks Ludei for getting the ads working.

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