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  • Hi,

    I've been making an Android game for a course in uni based on the Infinite Runner example.

    I've edited all the assets, added in music, and I'll be tinkering with the events so that the game matches my proposed idea (as opposed to a direct copy of the example).

    However, I've had some issues with compiling to Android. First, I used CocoonJS (apk available, link 1) and although the audio does not work, the game is playable, with a nice steady frame rate.

    I then compiled using Phone Gap (apk available link 2). Whilst this one has the audio playing nicely (apart from when it starts playing twice, which I've fixed in the .capx but not recompiled, yet), the frame rate is horrendous to an unplayable level.

    Is there any way of either getting the CocoonJS version to play audio OR make the frame rate on the Phone Gap better?

    Here's my .capx as well (link 3).


    link 1

    link 2

    link 3

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  • We can't fix issues in CocoonJS, it's made by Ludei. I'd suggest reporting your issues to them.

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