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  • Hi All,

    I notice that I can insert CocoonJS ADS as a new object in Construct 2. So i gave it a try.

    What i tried is:

    1. Insert new object (CocoonJS ADS)

    2. Then i create an event, If cocoon JS ADS are available.

    3. I add an action to the event, Show banner ad - "top Center."

    I have a few question on that

    1. I cant seems to see any ads being displayed on my Android device.

    2. How do i know which company is displaying the ads? and do i have to register with the company?

    3. Where can i check the number of click and impressions?

    Thanks =)

  • I would also be interested in that. As far as I read it, they have integrated the mopub plugin, which is basically like mobclixs and all the others. So somewhere, I have to link my ingame ads with my mopub account. But I have no idea, where? Ideas anyone?

    Edit: You need a mopub ID from your mopub account. We just started using mopub in unity and it works that way. But still the question remains, where can we enter that ID in construct?

  • I have the same experience. I can?t get through IKZQ?s 3rd step!. haha.

    I don?t see where to link an account ID or some specifications on the banner Adds sizes so I can save the proper spot on the menu layouts.

  • Hi All,

    I manage to get through the 3 steps mentioned above, but i am still facing some problem. Once it get everything going, i will post the step by steps here.

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  • Okay, I got it finally working (at least for banners) using the cloud compiler with the ads extensions. Once you registered with mopub and worked yourself through their pain-in-the-***-system, integrated other ad networks and created apps,ads, etc. and then you can enter the mopub ID into the cloud compiler and THEN ads will be shown.

    Hope that helps

    Best regards

  • Yeah, I just went through the same thing.

    Does your ads appear right away or about a minute later when you first start your app?

  • Haha, yes I got the exact same thing, when counted, it takes 55 secs. for the first banner ad to show. And I can say that this is not a mopub problem, because we just used mopub in unity and the same banners are showing up just after a few seconds.

  • Do u have to be a premium member to be able to include ads?

    Can't see where I could fill in my mopub id in the cocoonjs cloud.

  • You must be premium user of Ludei to use the ads.

  • Yes, you have to be a premium member to get the privilege. You'll get an extensions tab where you can fill in the mopub info.

    If you're serious about releasing your app just contact ludei and they'll more than likely advance you to premium.

  • so, any of you's managed to make any money yet from these ads?

  • Hi,

    Sorry, i was away for a few weeks due to work.

    Yes, it will take some time for the ads to appear, it may even take hours sometimes. What i found is that, the more frequent you call the server for ads, the faster it will return the ads. For now, it only took around 1 - 2 seconds.

    So after setting up the ads in admob and mopub, we will only able to retrieve after a few try calling it. Mopub have a function where it allows you to test the ads, you can try calling from there a few times.

    I am still not able to get the full screen ads working =(

  • I think the problem with fullscreen ads is, that almost none of the ad networks deliver them.

    ikzq, do you have one in mopub, that delivers fullscreen ads?

  • Hi, all.

    ikzq I?m having the same issue. Can?t make work the full screen ads.

    My banner adds were working until last night though. But today they wont show up. Do you think this has something to do with the calling times?.

    Because I don?t have any orders yet, I was seeing the Mopub demo Ad only.


    For the rest of the guys that are still trying. The process would be something like this:

    1- In C2 project use the Cocoon Ad event.

        If CocoonJs ads are available --- Show ads, etc.

    2- Get a premium account in Ludei. For the moment they are free and if you say you are serious about your project they will give one to you.

    3- Get a MoPub account, fill in your data, create an Ad, you will get an ID code for that Ad.

    4- Once you get Ludei?s premium account you can go to extensions in the cloud compiler.

    5- Paste there the Ad ID code using the JSON code example above.

    6- Validate the code to see if what you put there is ok.

    7- Compile your APK and test it on the mobile. You should see now a Mopub Test add.

    Once you publish your free app, sponsors will notice you and claim ads orders and in time this will produce an income that Mopub will pay through paypal or wire transaction. I?m still stuck in the 5 to 7 point, I managed to see the test ads on my phone but not the full screen ones.

  • Hey 3division,

    Were you able to get fullscreen test ads eventually?

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