Cocoon JS Integration With Awful FPS

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  • Citizens of the Scirra Universe,

    I have recently exported my Construct 2 game to Cocoon JS and proceeded to follow Ludei's instructions to be able to play it on my iPhone 4. I was able to successfully play the game; but unfortunately the FPS never ventured beyond 9 and stayed at 4 for the majority. Is there anything I can do to aid the FPS in climbing to 24 (minimum).

    Thanks in advance,

    Fellow citizen of the Scirra Universe

  • Just to say, I be having the same problemo! <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You know what. I had a similar problem. A couple of things to keep in mind and look over.

    A. There is a guide to keep performance smooth. No LARGE objects.

    If it's bigger than your screen cut it up.

    Don't over draw.

    .... and so on. I suggest checking the guide.

    B. On rare occasion a Layout can go bad. I had a game i was using for C2. The main menu had only 5 objets. None of them bigger than 256x256. No physics, not intensive processing. in fact only one of the objects moved. Yet the main menu ran at best 1fps. On the rare occasion that you could get tot he menu buttons. Start a new layout. The game ran fine at a nice 30fps(on mine) 60fps(on most others). It was really just that one layout. Even though the main game play had more objects on it moving with collision detection.

    If was for some reason just a bad layout. I can't identify why, but it was. Upon creating a new layout. It worked so much better.

    Also constantly test on the hardware after every few changes. that way you can reverse any change that kills performance.

  • See Performance Tips and Remember not to waste your memory. CocoonJS performs well enough for well-designed mobile games. The problem is almost always your game was designed for a desktop which is 10-100 times more powerful than the mobile device, and uses far too many sprites and images than the mobile hardware can handle. You must test regularly on mobile from the very start to avoid over-designing your game and far exceeding what the hardware can handle.

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  • A lot of objects with collision checks would take awful performance because mobiles have weaker hardwares.

    You should limit the objects, loops and actions per every tick.

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