Cocoon IO's In app plugin Fetch Product Preview doesn't work

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  • With Cocoon's plugin for in app buying things, if you have Fetch Product the preview won't run. Is there a way around this? I know it's the plugin and not Construct 2, but is there a work around? That doesn't involve me deleting Fetch Product whenever I'm testing the game with the Browser preview?

  • Found it! It means also using the Canvas plugin too and making sure when you're building the game, to set the Browser setting to Canvas+ in both Default and whatever platform you're using. ... ct2/1814/8

    I think what they're saying is if you put an Event saying Is Canvas+ with no action and making sure that if you have one or more In app plugin Cocoon stuff that you put them as sub-events as at least one is Canvas+. You can have them be sub events to multiple is Canvas + of course.

    Like one is Canvas + has in app stuff and on another line another is Canvas+ has in app stuff as sub event too.

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  • For a really good plugin that's a really bad glitch on Cocoon's part. Having to put Is Canvas+ plus in above every in app everything. Where the In app stuff has to be a sub-event for at least one, but can be more than one, is Canvas+.

    Theyr'e saying do only one is Canvas +. You can have as many is Canvas +'s as you want to. But every in app event has to be a sub-event of a is Canvas +.

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