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  • what am i doing wrong i have the zip file i have the game setup i dont have an iphone but i have a mac setup with xcode 3.2.6 with the simulator when i goto the step to setup the archive there is no option under project for archive so i can not create a xarchive. ive tried and read and read and no solution. it would be nice to have a good step by step guide.

    I would appreciate any suggestions or assistance.

    thank you

  • Have you tried using the cocoonjs or phonegap cloud services to compile your code into a .apk or an xcode project? I believe cocoonjs produces better performance but it's up to you which you use.

    Cocoonjs Cloud Info:

    PhoneGap Cloud Info:

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  • i am using cocoonjs and trying to work with xcode but there is not archive option under project i am running thru the cocoonjs instructions but it is not helping. i have tried to install xcode many times and many different files and still no archive.

  • I'm pretty sure you need to have a device to test on. Apple won't let you archive/submit and app otherwise.

    If I have the simulator selected, my archive option is not available. Only when I have my device selected can I archive. See image

    <img src="" border="0">

    Here is a good guide on what all you need to develop and submit ios apps.

  • thanks ArcadEd

    i will have to use someones iphone then

  • Well here is the catch to that. The device will need to linked to your account that you use to develop with. My first thought was, well I can just use my Wife's iPhone. Nope, it was already attached to her apple account. I finally just bought and ipod touch off ebay for 100 bucks.

  • seriously?

  • Don't follow my advice blindly, do some research. I had the funds to just buy an ipod touch. At that point I was beyond the point of frustration of trying to "go minimal" with what I needed for developing an iOS game. It's a long story, but in the end it was much easier to just buy a mac mini, and an ipod touch and move on :).

  • i have a ipod touch now and xcode 4.3.3 i goto archive cus i have it now and get a code sign error i have looked online and went thru each step to delete my certificates and redo them all with no help. all im trying to do is archive and make an ipa anyone have any help please.

    thank you in advance

  • ok had to update xcode to 4.5 at the min to get it to work now its working and any certificate issues all you need to do is open up xcode organiser and hit refresh in profiles and it will make them for you. just a heads up

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