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  • Hello guys,

    last days I am having problem with implementation of CocconGooglePlayGames + Appodeal. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_evil.gif" alt=":evil:" title="Evil or Very Mad">

    Basic description of the problem:

    I am using Construct 2 for my game and I am having issue with implementation of Hardware Back button on mobile devices. I have got project in C2 and there I have got Browser object that has condition "On mobile back button pressed" under it I am using action "go to layout" (some specific layout).

    In Cocoon project (for compiling) I added "inappbrowser" plugin. When I have turned OFF wi-fi on my mobile then HW Back buttons works right (every time go to defined layout) but when I turn ON my wi-fi pressing HW Back button is closing whole app. I haven't got any action for closing app in my whole project so I do not know why?

    Webview engine(s):


    Used plugins (in Cocoon):



    Additional description of the problem:

    Regarding to this post on Scirra: ... onstruct-2

    I have to use

    "To use Appodeal with CocoonGooglePlayGame and CocoonShare etc.. use "

    But when I add it to my project then that problem with HW Back button appears. I tested whole project without Appodeal plugin and whole game was working well and also that HW Back button (it was with Google play games services etc) so problem is with adding that Appodeal there must be some collision with plugins or something like that. I also notice that closing whole app is does not matter on what is in C2 it is happening also with no use of "On mobile back button pressed" in C2.

    Sum it up I would like to make a game where will be Google play games services and also Appodeal services (rewarded video ads) and compile it on Cocoon IO.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_exclaim.gif" alt=":!:" title="Exclamation"> <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_exclaim.gif" alt=":!:" title="Exclamation"> <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_exclaim.gif" alt=":!:" title="Exclamation"> I almost lost hope <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed">

  • BUMP


    So guys any idea from anyone? ))

    I really wonder if there was no one who uses Appodel with GPG services and compiling with Cocoon IO. Please write me what do you use (plugins etc) thank you in advance.

    Or do you have any other good Ads services? I looked at Chartboost but official SDK from Cocoon IO for it seems support only banners and interstial (not video) or am I not right? Any advice or recommendation will be appreciated.

  • i use it in all my game.... appodeal and cocooon

  • Hello you are right but I tested your 2 games and in both when I press HW Back button game will close. Is there any way how to disable HW Back button??? Thank you

  • I suppose "inappbrowser" plugin can cause conflicts that prevent correct compiling of your project. It's my guess, but i haven't had similar problems and think it might be solved after proper checking your project. For the last days there were couple of questions here on scirra, concerning appodeal, but to my mind all of them can't be easily solved, cause the problems are likely to be on the code level or somehow out of typical. I can't understand why you guys just don't ping their support. It's their work an usually they offer themselves to check app's apk for problems and so on, so i recommend to do so. It's much easier than to wait for an answer from fellow developers like us here, on the forum =) cheers dude and good luck

  • Look man, I do not know if it will help you, but I've already seen some problems related to conflicts being solved in these ways:

    1- Uploading the event + chosen action until the maximum of the event sheet (dragging with the mouse)

    2- Adding an action at the end or at the beginning (see which will work) of the event - action is system "wait 0.01 seconds"

    Maybe it works,

  • hello Ubru, could u find the solution for the issue ?:- hard back button causing browser/app to close

  • ... canvasplus

    Follow this guide.

    Search for Exit app.

    Instructions are provided in order to close the app using the Canvas+.

    Dont forget to download the Canvas+ plugin and add it to C2 via the plugins file.

  • This is my problem too. I have this "Browser Plugin" and use "On Back Button" but when compiled in cocoon, the app supposed to go in Main Manu but it forces the app to close

    I used appodeal plugin too

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  • check my app Sudoku Nano or Word Search dlp both back button working ok try it and tell me if it crash on your phone if not something is wrong in your code recheck it

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