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  • Hi guys,

    I'm making a "Zelda" game but I would like to do it Co-Op.

    I was thinking on creating 2 sprites with the same behavior, but different keys to control them, for example, move the Player 1 with arrows and Player 2 with other Keys, let's say WASD keys.

    Is that correct? Is there a better way to handle that situation?


  • Seems the right idea. Beware of conflicts when you press multiple keys simultaneously on a keyboard (that said, I'm not sure this issue still exists past 2010).

  • I was searching for some examples but I couldn't find any.

  • On the paper what you want to achieve is very simple, you can create prototypes and try by yourself in minutes.

  • Creat a Family with the moving behavior and add a variable ID

    This Family-player content the sprite player

    Then you put one with variable ID = player1 and another one with iD = player2

    now to move them juste do this

    • on W hold > pick Family-player with ID = player 1 -> simulate move up
    • on Up arrow hold > pick Family-player with ID = player 2 -> simulate move up


  • Thanks a lot! Those were the responses I wanted.

    I could do the prototype and test, but I was trying to know if that could affect on something in the future... I don't know, a problem that might come up when using the same Keyboard for both players for example.

    I thought there was some kind of plugin or something already developed to handle this kind of scenarios but yeah, I get it.

    Thanks again!

  • Seems possible but based on experience, two friends playing on the same keyboard (We tried it back in High School and played Turtles in Time on an emulator) can be pretty difficult as you can imagine.

    You'll want customize-able controls, a separate implementation for your capx.

    I suggest you pop out an emulator and play GOOF TROOP for SNES. Try to play two player mode by yourself first using WASD and UDLR keys for controls then decide what the action buttons should be.

  • well with the event of xbox controller support plugin i suppose you could make it where you need controller and id those controller so that you could have one function with each different parameter calling out which controller ID ?

    I dont have the tools to test it with. But I wonder if it possible to put each player controller id into the game code and have it done by a single movement function with parameter so that its being use by the correct movement but like what others have said you may need mirrior events for them.

    Although it would be cool if say a zelda coop through a mobile app and you had a host device to project the game onto the mobile phone so that all its doing is sending and receiving packet to play the game. theory wishful thinking. but id think that would just drain the phone too fast.

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  • Actually I'm not thinking on playing the game with a keyboard, but with two controls.

    I used to start joy2key program which maps any control button to any key.

    My mind trouble is that I would use 2 controllers mapping 1 keyboard.

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