Cloud Auto scrolling? Is it Possible

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have looked everywhere on the site for a decent tutorial that showcases Clouds that autoscroll while your player stands still.I want to set my cloud tiles to different speeds making my game world come alive.I waqs wondering what i have to do to achieve this feature.I do know how to do this through code but Construct 2 works differnt as we all know.

  • try looking for particle tutorials

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  • You could potentially make invisible sprites that spit out clouds like bullets off one side of the screen, and then have them travel slowly to the other side of the layout before self-destructing.

  • These are both great ideas,But is this the only way?I would think particles being used in that way would be bad on the framerate right? On the other hand i am a rookie so i really dont know thats why im asking you guys.Thanks for the replies it does mean alot to get help.

  • I'm sure there are other ways to do this. I tend to take a very ungraceful approach � a WD40 and duct tape approach if you will � to doing things in Construct though. heh

    This might help:

  • Particle effects could give you a great result, but you'll struggle to get the right sort of cloud-like clumpiness (obviously depending on the sorts of clouds you want) without a fair bit of messing about. Not that it can't be done, just that it's a bit of a faff.

    I'd say the easiest way is with the bullet behaviour. Throw a bunch of cloud images into a single bullet object and spawn the object off-screen. Set the animation speed to zero. On creation, set the animation frame, speed and height to random for a bit of variety.

    Example capx (r133).

  • Yeah It looks like the duct Tape approch is the best way for now.The particle effect will be alot more realistic and the movements can be altered.The topic you posted i downloaded the capx but the clouds do not move at all when the player stands still.Thats what im aiming for.Thanks for the time you took out to post that link.

  • Sorry, I was messing about and forgot that I was still working on that same file. Download it again and you'll see what I had in mind.

  • That is epic! Thank you GeometriX i was wondering how to make this happen you saved me hours of testing with particles!IMHO i think the clumps of clouds are more realistic.Thank you GeometriX i owe you one.

  • Yeah, I've been trying myself to get particle effects to do something great but it's just not happening. I think it is possible, but it needs quite some playing around with to get even half as decent as the quickie method I posted previously.

    My pleasure. Enjoy!

  • Another way is you could use the WRAP feature, and not code a single event.

    Just the bullets speed and directions, and have it wrap around layout or viewport depending on what you want. Sure it limits you as there's no variation, but it's easy.

  • I'm a newbie too, still finding my way round the features and possibilities while creating a platformer.

    I wanted natural looking clouds in the background and spent a bit of time over the last few days playing with this, here's a quick clip of what I've done.

    The clouds are completely dynamic btw, you'll not see a repeat and tweakable for weather/level mood (which is what I was aiming for).

    (Alas, I'm not allowed to post hyperlinks even though I bought the software, *sniff* #untrusted) <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Zantium Awesome job man the clouds look great,I also found a way of making them look realistic with a bit of code.I like how yours turned out.hsv@Thndr I will look into some different methods and yours will be thie first i try and play around with.Thanks for the replies it means alot to get help.Good karma too you all.

  • That looks fantastic Zantium!

  • Thanks folks, I'm really liking the software.

    I didn't know about the wrap feature, I'd better look into that next.

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