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  • Hi, I wanted to know how to make a system to change clothes, not change the color of the character to change clothes like T-shirt, pants, etc. Because I already know a system of store of items, agoa I want to know how to put clothes and a store for the clothes differentiated of the character.

  • make one sprite for pants. and make a new frame for each pair of pants. set the animation speed to 0. Do not use it as an 'animation'

    then when you need to change pants and do so by selecting the correct frame in the sprite.

    then do the same for shirts etc..

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  • Thanks for replying to me, but the methods I knew about the store did not work with the clothes, did you explain the schedule for this? Example: in the part of when you buy the clothes that the User bought the clothes is replaced, this is my difficulty how to do the replacement part ... Thank you!

  • no need to replace, just change the frame number.

    sprite1: frame 1: empty, frame 2: shorts, frame 3: jeans, frame 4: dress pants

    sprite2: frame 1: empty, frame 2:tee shirt, frame 3: hoodie, frame 4: dress shirt

    just make sure your sprite's animation speed is set to 0, otherwise it will play like an animation.

    if they remove the clothing item, change to frame 0 (which is nothing)

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