[CLOSED]How do I get the Facebook scores working?

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  • I kinda fixed it. Using Clay.io now.

    [quote:3ge9fh2n]I'm making a Facebook game and had several problems with the score submitting.

    I couldn't get the permissions working at first. Wierdly that is working now.

    GameThirsty game me a link to the CompleteFacebook Plugin. But when I use the plugin Facebook won't login.

    And when I remove the plugin Facebook logs in just fine.

    First post:


    Plugin link:


    But now I can't publish/request the right score. It just stays at 0.

    Or maybe the permission still doesn't work.

    At the end of the level (only when you die) is a button that says "Submit score".

    That button should submit the score, and when it's submitted the score the game should go back to the main menu.

    It does, but when I request the score it just says 0 (As in the picture)

    Construct 2 is great, it really is! But Facebook apps/games aren't that simple.

    App link:


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