How do I close the 'recommended' drop box?

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  • Bear with me here.

    Let's say you chose the 'Set Frame' action for a sprite. You want the frame to be set to the first, or '1', so you type '1' into the box.

    But let's say you had another sprite called '1Bunny'.

    Upon typing '1', you are greeted with a drop box that comes up with all the possible expressions involving the number 1, in our case that'd be '1Bunny'.

    This forces you to click the text box to get rid of the drop box, instead of being able to press 'Enter' to move on. Pushing Enter will change your '1' to '1Bunny', instead of the 'Done' option like you wanted.

    It really kills the rhythm when dealing with tedious code.

    So I was wondering, is there a key I can press that just closes it or let's me push 'Done' without it changing my inputted text? Thanks in advance!

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