How do I close my game once exported in nwjs?

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  • Hello everyone, ofcourse I have looked for similar topics but no one seems to solve my problem. I've made a game, I've exported in nwjs in order to use it on my windows laptop. I have a main menu where if you click the "exit button" the "browser - close " event should be shutdown the game. This happens when I am in preview mode, everything works fine. The exported game instead stay like "freezed" even if it is not. With the ctrl alt canc sequence I have to manually shutdown it and there's no "the app doesn't answer" sentence near to its name.

    I've uploaded the game on steam and even if I launch my game from Steam I am still not able to shutdown it. The only way is to alt f4 BEFORE to click the exit button. If I click that button I can only press the cross on the upper right corner or forcing shutdown with the ctrl alt canc sequence.

    How it's possible that I don't find a way to close the game? Please, give me a hand. Thank you

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  • creepy nwjs 4.7 Install 4.6

  • Thank you very much I Will try. By the way it's weird I can't - for example - set an event like "on 'object' clicker - simulate keyboard Key pressed alt - simulate keyboard Key pressed f4". This would be enough but It seems I can't.

  • It worked! Thank you very much!

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