Cloning objects and UID's

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  • I have a game where I have a 'wheel' sprite is continually rotating on it's center point.

    A 'target' sprite is attached to the wheel sprite's image point (far right) so it creates the illusion that the 'target' sprite is rotating (the 'wheel' sprite is invisible).

    I want to clone both sprites to create a second wheel and target sprite. However, when the original 'target' sprite is destroyed (on overlap) the 2nd 'target' sprite jumps back to the original wheel's image point.

    Ideally, I need to create multiple clones of these sprites but not if they keep jumping back to the first.

    Here's the basic layout:

    Can anyone help me out please? Thanks in advance!

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  • Easiest way would be to put both objects into a container. Then both objects are bound together and always refer to the 'container partner'. As your code is now, you always refer to all objects without specifying which belong together. I suspect in this case Construct will automatically choose the objects that are closest to each other.

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