How do I Clone objects with various properties?

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  • Hi Guys....

    I make the Player can spawn new objects such as Baby -_-, and I also make the babies follow the player. However...The babies have all same properties... They have same move speed, same jump strength, and same size... That's awful...... doesnt look like babies but robots! So, How do I do to achieve that when the new babies are spawned, they come with various properties? For example, 3 clicked, spawn 3 babies with different size or move speed.

    Thank you for your help! its quite important for me............ I can't show the game to my girl friend she gonna get scared.... please must help me -_-.........!!!!!!

    And sorry for my English ...

  • baby on created set speed or scale to random() or to choose()

  • baby on created set speed or scale to random() or to choose()

    Thank you LittleStain !! Now I can create various size of baby by set scale. However, they still move with same speed. 'Set speed' just control the animation speed, but not the move speed, their action look like move slower but actually they move with same speed.

    Can I make them created with different properites? such as random Max speed, random Acceleration and random Gravity etc...

  • baby on created set speed or scale to random() or to choose()

    Ah! I found it ! on created, set platform acceleration, deceleration, max speed etc. to random ()!

    Thank you very much!

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  • Nows new problem...I set the player on Jump, the babies jump too, So that when player jump, all babies jump together.....

    How do I make the babies jump individually? not jump together?

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