How do I CLONE levels ?

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  • Hi in my game i have my layout 'level01' with his own event sheet !


    all my levels are almost the same, i just change the background & the obstacles

    Its a flappy bird style !

    I duplicated my Layout named 'level01' and renamed the new layout 'Level02', but when i change the graphics on the 'level02' it also change the graphics on my 'level01'

    It's a huge problem how can i solve this ???

  • If you change the image in a sprite, it will be changed in the entire project (obviously!)

    If you want different graphics in each level, you will have to add different objects for each level (sprites, tiledbackgrounds). Combine these objects into families to be able to use a single event sheet.

    Or maybe create a separate animations in sprites for each level. But if you have many levels and large images, these sprites will consume a lot of memory.

  • I'm STILL stuck with this problem, ONE WEEK NOW !

    I can't CONTINUE my game devlopment !!!!!

    I created my Level 01, ALL my objects need to be at that EXACT position for EACH NEW LEVEL !!!

    i have my event sheet for all the actions in place !

    HOW can i just CLONE THE LEVEL & change the content of the level02 WITHOUT changing the graphics from the level01 !!!

    WHAT is that stupid DUPLICATE function if the duplicated LAYOUT keep the behaviors of the layout01 ???

    WHAT is used for ??

    BECAUSE it's USELESS !!!

    WHERE IS THE 'CLONE' FUNCTION for cloning a LAYOUT !!!!

    In FUSION 2.5 you just click CLONE and you get a new level02 where you can change the graphics WITHOUT influencing the graphics of the level01

    THEN you have just to add the functions for the level 02....ITS A HUGE TIME ECONOMY !

  • I am really confused. You are using Construct for 10 years, why are you asking this question?

    You don't know that if you put a sprite on two different layouts, the image will be the same in both layouts?

  • I never used construct for 10yr. !

    I did lot of test projects but in one layout !

    I'm not asking about PLACING sprites or backgrounds elements !

    I'm asking HOW TO CLONE A LAYOUT !!!

    to change the graphics in the NEW layout02 without CHANGING the graphics in the layout01

    If i select ALL my elements ctrl+a and copy paste them in a NEW layout, if i change them they ALSO change in the layout01 !!!

  • Your profile says you are here since 2011. You have over 2000 posts on this forum! Surely you should know how basic things work in Construct.

    If you add the same object to multiple layouts, it is shared by these layouts. And obviously the image will be the same.

    Lets say you have your character sprite. If you want it to be red on level 1, green on level 2 and yellow on level 3, you have several options:

    1. Create multiple animations in the sprite - "Red", "Green", "Yellow". Set different animation on start of each level.
    2. Clone the character sprite, you will have CharacterRed, CharacterGreen, CharacterYellow. Combine them all into a family.
    3. Change color with an effect like "Tint" or "ReplaceColor".
  • I forgot one more option:

    4. Import images for all levels into the project (in Files folder), and on start of layout load the required image into the Character sprite.

    This is not a good method, but it may work for some games.

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  • I have a LAYOUT = Level01

    i want co create a Level02

    SO i DUPLICATE the level & rename it Level02

    BUT if i change the graphics in that NEW LAYOUT02 representing the level02

    It also changes the graphics in the layout 01....


  • What's the point of posting the same thing over and over? Did you even read my replies?

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