How do I Clone Assets Across Projects

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  • Hi There

    I'm trying to create a small game that has a lot in common with previous prototypes and assumed I'd be able to take things from one project to another, (especially things like pixelfont spacing sheets) so far everytime I've tried, I get an error about dependancies, but I seem unable to copy all of the relevant components at the same time to supply those dependancies.

    I suppose this is a bit of a best practices question; am I left recreating the objects, ensuring same object names and then pasting the actions into identical event sheets? am I missing something like "export selected as package" and then "import package" options in my noobishness?

  • There is no feature such as "export/import as package". What you can do is select an instance of your object in a layout in project A, then copy it in a layout in project B, this will create the object in project B.

    Once all objects are present in project B, you can copy the events from project A to project B without errors.

    A more advanced solution is to create addons for features that you know you will reuse a lot in your projects. That's a bit overkill though

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  • ok, thank you so much!

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