How do I do climb down

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  • This is driving me nuts lol I thought it would be as simple as climbing up.

    Soooo, everything works almost perfect, except in only two positions in which I use a ledge sprite, Player Controller is being set to another position. Yet, for every other same sprite everything its allright.

    A gif to show the problem.

    There's only 2 places in which that happens, in the rest of ledges everything its fine. I should mention that when positioning the sprite on the ledge(grabbing it), theres a difference of 40 pixels in Y that I had to adjust so it would work. cant figure out the reason why yet.

  • Shameless bump. Anyone with similar problem?

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  • Last time I bump I promise!

    Still having same issue which is weird, it happens only with two sprites. I realized that it happens in two sprites that follow the same condition, which is not having another solid below them ( a wall)

  • Found the solution. It was right in front of my eyes. All I had to do was replace a simple little line, and add a wait action for it to work. Now its all good and I can finally die in peace. Hahaha

  • That is a big step, coming


    I could live with it ....


    Now its all good

  • 99Instances2Go Hahaha yeah I've been fighting with it for days. Then I re-open your capx file and I realized that building step by step what I added I was actually doing one step wrong.

    I was using set to position instead of just setting to x to position the Player sprite before dropping so the animation could follow perfectly. result: I was having mis-calculations.

    The fix was really simple and I got 10 years older just by coming to that realization lol.

    Thanks for your help though, I learned a lot.

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